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Dugout Seats

ABSOLUT® Clubhouse Drinks

ABSOLUT® Fenway Bloody Mary Cocktails
  • "Fenway Faithful" - The ABSOLUT® VODKA Classic Bloody served with a garnish
  • Knock Your "Sox" Off Bloody - ABSOLUT® PEPPAR, Bloody Mary served with a garnish
  • "The Boston" Bloody - ABSOLUT® CITRON Bloody Mary garnished with a Lemon Wedge
ABSOLUT® Signature Cocktails
  • ABSOLUT® Anniversary - Celebrating 100 years at Fenway Park, ABSOLUT® VODKA, Cranberry Juice, Pineapple Juice and Ginger Ale
  • The ABSOLUT® Nation - ABSOLUT® VODKA, Club Soda with a splash of Cranberry
  • ABSOLUT® Clubhouse Cosmo - ABSOLUT® CITRON, Cranberry Juice, Hiram Walker Triple Sec and a splash of Lime Juice
  • Beantown Ginger - JAMESON Irish Whiskey and Ginger Ale with a fresh squeeze of Lemon and Lime
  • ABSOLUT® Mandrin Masher - ABSOLUT® MANDRIN, Ginger Ale and Pineapple Juice, garnished with Lemon and Lime
  • ABSOLUT® Lansdowne Lemonade - ABSOLUT® WILD TEA, with Lemonade and Iced Tea, garnished with a Lemon
  • ABSOLUT® Green Monster - ABSOLUT® Pears, Sour Apple Schnapps, a splash of Sprite
  • ABSOLUT® Home Run - ABSOLUT® MANDRIN with Orange Juice and a splash of Cranberry
  • ABSOLUT® 7th Inning Stretch - ABSOLUT® RASBERRI and Soda with a splash of Cranberry
  • ABSOLUT® Hit and Run - ABSOLUT® APEACH with Orange Juice and a splash of Cranberry
  • ABSOLUT® Berri - Ball - ABSOLUT® BERRI ACAƍ with White Cranberry Juice and Soda
ABSOLUT® Have it your way

The ABSOLUT® clubhouse proudly serves:

  • ABSOLUT® Vodka, ABSOLUT® Citron
  • ABSOLUT® Mandrin, ABSOLUT® Ruby Red
  • ABSOLUT® Vanilia, ABSOLUT® Peppar
  • ABSOLUT® Pears, ABSOLUT® Apeach
  • ABSOLUT® Rasberri, ABSOLUT® Wild Tea
  • ABSOLUT® Orient Apple, ABSOLUT® Berri Açaí

Jameson Irish Whiskey, Malibu Rums, Chivas Regal, The Glenlivet Scotches, Kahlua Liqueur, Martell Cognacs, Hiram Walker Cordials, Beefeater, Tequila Avión

Menu subject to changes throughout the season.