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Rockies Road Trips

Planning a Trip to See the Rockies?

Rockies Fans in Enemy Territory

Are you planning to take a road trip to watch the Rockies play in enemy territory this season? Let us know and you might win the chance to chronicle your trip for Rockies Magazine.

Selected writers will not only have their experience featured in Rockies Magazine, but will also receive four VIP tickets to a game at Coors Field in 2013.

If you're a Rockies fan living somewhere other than Colorado, don't worry, you can take part in a Rockies Road Trip as well: head to the game in your purple and write about cheering on the Rockies in another ballpark.

Email us at, sharing your travel dates and road games that you'll attend and you might earn the chance to write for Rockies Magazine!

2013 Rockies Road Trip Features:

  • April
    Garrett Fitzgerald
  • May
    Lauren Dydyn
  • June
    Bryan Wallman
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    2012 Rockies Road Trip Features: