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Angels baseball announces 2008 television schedule
03/18/2008 7:25 PM ET
ANAHEIM -- Angels Baseball today announced the 2008 television broadcast schedule for the upcoming Major League Baseball championship season. The Angels, who will be shown on FSN WEST and KCOP 13 in addition to 12 Major League National broadcasts (ESPN and FOX), will have all 162 games televised during the regular season. Also, FSN West and KCOP 13 will broadcast seven pre-season contests. These announcements were made by Angels' Vice President of Communications Tim Mead and FSN West's Senior V.P and G.M. Steve Simpson.

The Angels and FSN WEST enter their 16th season as telecast partners. This year, FSN WEST offers Angels' fans 100 regular season game telecasts with an unprecedented number - 75 - available in HD. The Angels game telecast viewing experience on FSN WEST is further enhanced by "Angels Live" access and analysis as well as Angels' insider storytelling on original programming exclusive to FSN WEST. To supplement the 100 games on FSN WEST, an additional 50 games will be broadcast over-the-air on KCOP 13 (Channel 13 locally).

Pre-season local telecast coverage of the Angels begins on KCOP 13, Friday, March 21, when the Angels face the Texas Rangers in the first of seven exhibition games followed by the FSN West Spring debut on Easter Sunday, March 23, vs. the Seattle Mariners. The 2008 regular season 100-game Angels schedule on FSN WEST commences on Opening Day, March 31 in Minnesota with an "Angels Live" pre-game show at 3:30 PM before the Angels face the Twins at 4 PM. All times listed are Pacific Daylight Time.

Analyst Rex Hudler and Play-by-Play Announcer Steve Physioc return for their eighth year together in the Angels telecast booth. In addition, the team of Analyst Mark Gubicza and Play-by-Play Announcer Rory Markas will also call games on FSN WEST. As an added feature in 2008, when Hudler and Physioc are not doing TV broadcasts, the pair can be heard on the radio alongside Terry Smith for selected broadcasts on the Angels' flagship station AM-830 KLAA. New for the 2008 season, the Angels and FSN WEST will use a majority of the half-hour pre-game timeslots as a platform for original programming series such as "Before the Bigs", "Insider" and "In My Own Words." FSN WEST currently has several unique, original programs devoted to coverage of the Angels in development.

"As the leader in providing local Angels programming, we are pleased to offer 75 Angels games in HD this season," said Steve Simpson, senior vice president and general manager, FSN PRIME TICKET and FSN WEST. "In addition, FSN WEST will complement the Angels fan's game viewing experience with an increase in Angels original programming. Our producers and reporters have been working with the team throughout the off-season to bring Angels fans the access and storytelling they have come to know and enjoy."

About FSN WEST FSN WEST provides 24-hour sports programming to more than 7.1 million subscribers in Southern California, Nevada and Hawaii. In addition to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, FSN WEST is the home of the Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Kings and Los Angeles Galaxy. Team-specific and locally-produced "Live" and "Insider" programs air on FSN WEST. Event coverage of and original programming on boxing, poker, billiards, outdoor sports, and more, as well as FSN originals such as "Best Damn Sports Show Period", "CMI: The Chris Myers Interview", "In Focus", "Sport Science" and "FSN Final Score" call FSN WEST home. FSN WEST and FSN PRIME TICKET combine to produce over 700 live sporting events and telecast 5,000 hours of original programming every year. For complete national and regional sports news, provocative opinions, telecast schedules and updated statistics, log-on to

PRE3/21Fri.@Rangers6:00 PMKCOP
PRE3/23Sun.vsMariners1:00 PMPRIME
PRE3/24Mon.vsPadres1:00 PMWEST
PRE3/26Wed.vsCubs1:00 PMWEST
PRE3/27Thur.vsDodgers7:00 PMWEST
PRE3/28Fri.@Padres7:00 PMKCOP
PRE3/29Sat.vsPadres6:00 PMWEST
13/31Mon.@Twins4:00 PMWEST
24/1Tues.@Twins5:00 PMWEST
34/2Wed.@Twins5:00 PMKCOP
44/3Thurs.@Twins10:00 AMWEST
54/4Fri.vsRangers7:00 PMPRIME
64/5Sat.vsRangers6:00 PMWEST
74/6Sun.vsRangers12:30 PMKCOP
84/7Mon.vsIndians7:00 PMWEST
94/8Tues.vsIndians7:00 PMKCOP
104/9Wed.vsIndians12:30 PMWEST
114/11Fri.@Mariners7:00 PMKCOP
124/12Sat.@Mariners6:00 PMWEST
134/13Sun.@Mariners1:00 PMWEST
144/14Mon.@Rangers5:00 PMWEST
154/15Tues.@Rangers11:00 AMWEST
164/16Wed.vsRoyals7:00 PMKCOP
174/17Thurs.vsRoyals7:00 PMWEST
184/18Fri.vsMariners7:00 PMWEST
194/19Sat.vsMariners6:00 PMKCOP
204/20Sun.vsMariners12:30 PMKCOP
214/22Tues.@Red Sox4:00 PMKCOP
224/23Wed.@Red Sox4:00 PMWEST
234/24Thurs.@Red Sox10:30 AMWEST
244/25Fri.@Tigers4:00 PMWEST
254/26Sat.@Tigers12:55 PMFOX
264/27Sun.@Tigers5:00 PMESPN
274/28Mon.vsA's7:00 PMWEST
284/29Tues.vsA's7:00 PMWEST
294/30Wed.vsA's7:00 PMWEST
305/1Thurs.vsA's7:00 PMWEST
315/2Fri.vsOrioles7:00 PMKCOP
325/3Sat.vsOrioles12:45 PMFOX
335/4Sun.vsOrioles12:30 PMKCOP
345/5Mon.@Royals5:00 PMWEST
355/6Tues.@Royals5:00 PMWEST
365/7Wed.@Royals5:00 PMWEST
375/9Fri.@Devil Rays4:00 PMKCOP
385/10Sat.@Devil Rays4:00 PMKCOP
395/11Sun.@Devil Rays10:30 AMWEST
405/12Mon.vsWhite Sox7:00 PMKCOP
415/13Tues.vsWhite Sox7:00 PMWEST
425/14Wed.vsWhite Sox7:00 PMWEST
435/15Thurs.vsWhite Sox7:00 PMWEST
445/16Fri.vsDodgers7:00 PMWEST
455/17Sat.vsDodgers12:55 PMFOX
465/18Sun.vsDodgers12:30 PMWEST
475/20Tues.@Blue Jays4:00 PMKCOP
485/21Wed.@Blue Jays4:00 PMKCOP
495/22Thurs.@Blue Jays4:00 PMWEST
505/23Fri.@White Sox5:00 PMWEST
515/24Sat.@White Sox12:55 PMFOX
525/25Sun.@White Sox5:00 PMESPN
535/26Mon.vsTigers6:00 PMWEST
545/27Tues.vsTigers7:00 PMWEST
555/28Wed.vsTigers7:00 PMWEST
565/30Fri.vsBlue Jays7:00 PMWEST
575/31Sat.vsBlue Jays6:00 PMKCOP
596/1Sun.vsBlue Jays12:30 PMKCOP
596/2Mon.@Mariners7:00 PMWEST
606/3Tues.@Mariners7:00 PMWEST
616/4Wed.@Mariners1:30 PMWEST
626/6Fri.@A's7:00 PMWEST
636/7Sat.@A's6:00 PMKCOP
646/8Sun.@A's1:00 PMKCOP
656/9Mon.vsDevil Rays7:00 PMWEST
666/10Tues.vsDevil Rays7:00 PMWEST
676/11Wed.vsDevil Rays12:30 PMWEST
686/13Fri.vsBraves7:00 PMWEST
696/14Sat.vsBraves6:00 PMWEST
706/15Sun.vsBraves12:30 PMKCOP or ESPN
716/16Mon.vsMets7:00 PMKCOP
726/17Tues.vsMets7:00 PMWEST
736/18Wed.vsMets7:00 PMWEST
746/20Fri.@Phillies4:00 PMWEST
756/21Sat.@Phillies4:00 PMWEST
766/22Sun.@Phillies10:30 AMKCOP
776/23Mon.@Nationals4:00 PMWEST
786/24Tues.@Nationals4:00 PMWEST
796/25Wed.@Nationals4:00 PMWEST
806/27Fri.@Dodgers7:30 PMKCOP
816/28Sat.@Dodgers7:00 PMKCOP
826/29Sun.@Dodgers1:00 PMKCOP or ESPN
836/30Mon.vsA's7:00 PMWEST
847/1Tues.vsA's7:00 PMWEST
857/2Wed.vsA's12:30 PMWEST
867/4Fri.vsBlue Jays6:00 PMWEST
877/5Sat.vsBlue Jays6:00 PMKCOP
887/6Sun.vsBlue Jays12:30 PMKCOP
897/7Mon.@Rangers5:00 PMWEST
907/8Tues.@Rangers5:00 PMWEST
917/9Wed.@Rangers5:00 PMWEST
927/10Thurs.@Rangers5:00 PMWEST
937/11Fri.@A's7:00 PMWEST
947/12Sat.@A's6:00 PMKCOP
957/13Sun.@A's1:00 PMKCOP
967/18Fri.vsRed Sox7:00 PMWEST
977/19Sat.vsRed Sox12:55 PMFOX
987/20Sun.vsRed Sox3:00 PMESPN
997/21Mon.vsIndians7:00 PMWEST
1007/22Tues.vsIndians7:00 PMWEST
1017/23Wed.vsIndians12:30 PMWEST
1027/25Fri.@Orioles4:00 PMKCOP
1037/26Sat.@Orioles4:00 PMKCOP
1047/27Sun.@Orioles10:30 AMKCOP
1057/28Mon.@Red Sox4:00 PMWEST
1067/29Tues.@Red Sox4:00 PMWEST
1077/30Wed.@Red Sox4:00 PMWEST
1087/31Thurs.@Yankees4:00 PMWEST
1098/1Fri.@Yankees4:00 PMWEST
1108/2Sat.@Yankees12:55 PMFOX
1118/3Sun.@Yankees10:00 AMKCOP
1128/4Mon.vsOrioles7:00 PMKCOP
1138/5Tues.vsOrioles7:00 PMWEST
1148/6Wed.vsOrioles12:30 PMWEST
1158/8Fri.vsYankees7:00 PMWEST
1168/9Sat.vsYankees12:55 PMFOX
1178/10Sun.vsYankees12:30 PMKCOP
1188/12Tues.vsMariners7:00 PMWEST
1198/13Wed.vsMariners7:00 PMWEST
1208/15Fri.@Indians4:00 PMWEST
1218/16Sat.@Indians12:55 PMFOX
1228/17Sun.@Indians10:00 AMKCOP or ESPN
1238/18Mon.@Devil Rays4:00 PMKCOP
1248/19Tues.@Devil Rays4:00 PMKCOP
1258/20Wed.@Devil Rays4:00 PMWEST
1268/21Thurs.vsTwins7:00 PMWEST
1278/22Fri.vsTwins7:00 PMWEST
1288/23Sat.vsTwins6:00 PMKCOP
1298/24Sun.vsTwins12:30 PMKCOP
1308/25Mon.vsA's7:00 PMWEST
1318/26Tues.vsA's7:00 PMWEST
1328/27Wed.vsA's7:00 PMWEST
1338/28Thurs.vsRangers7:00 PMWEST
1348/29Fri.vsRangers7:00 PMWEST
1358/30Sat.vsRangers6:00 PMKCOP
1368/31Sun.vsRangers12:30 PMKCOP
1379/2Tues.@Tigers4:00 PMWEST
1389/3Wed.@Tigers4:00 PMWEST
1399/4Thurs.@Tigers10:00 AMWEST
1409/5Fri.@White Sox5:00 PMWEST
1419/6Sat.@White Sox4:00 PMKCOP
1429/7Sun.@White Sox11:00 AMKCOP or ESPN
1439/8Mon.vsYankees7:00 PMWEST
1449/9Tues.vsYankees7:00 PMWEST
1459/10Wed.vsYankees12:30 PMWEST
1469/11Thurs.vsMariners7:00 PMWEST
1479/12Fri.vsMariners7:00 PMWEST
1489/13Sat.vsMariners12:55 PMFOX
1499/14Sun.vsMariners12:30 PMKCOP or ESPN
1509/16Tues.@A's7:00 PMKCOP
1519/17Wed.@A's7:00 PMWEST
1529/18Thurs.@A's12:30 PMWEST
1539/19Fri.@Rangers5:00 PMWEST
1549/20Sat.@Rangers5:00 PMKCOP
1559/21Sun.@Rangers12:00 PMKCOP
1569/22Mon.@Mariners7:00 PMKCOP
1579/23Tues.@Mariners7:00 PMWEST
1589/24Wed.@Mariners7:00 PMWEST
1599/25Thurs.@Mariners7:00 PMWEST
1609/26Fri.vsRangers7:00 PMWEST
1619/27Sat.vsRangers6:00 PMKCOP
1629/28Sun.vsRangers12:30 PMWEST

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