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Hart - Roenicke Brewers On Deck 2012
Hart and Roenicke chatted with fans, live from Brewers On Deck. (Milwaukee Brewers)

Roenicke and Hart chatted online with fans on January 29

Brewers outfielder Corey Hart and manager Ron Roenicke joined fans for an exclusive online chat at on Sunday, January 29 at 2 p.m. CT — live from Brewers On Deck!

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Past Transcripts
Guest Date Position/Title
Ron Roenicke and Corey Hart 1/29/12 Manager, OF
Bill Schroeder and Brian Anderson 3/11/11 Broadcasters
McGehee, Hawkins and Roenicke 1/30/11 3B, RHP, Manager
Brian Anderson 1/6/11 Broadcaster
John Axford 12/23/10 RHP
Reid Nichols 9/17/10 Director of Player Development
Casey McGehee 6/11/10 3B
Zaun, Parra & Villanueva 1/31/10 C, LHP, RHP
Brian Anderson 1/29/10 Broadcaster
Gord Ash 10/21/09 VP, Assistant GM
Dave Nelson 9/3/09 Director of Alumni Relations
Bruce Seid 8/26/09 Director of Amateur Scouting
Todd Coffey 5/13/09 RHP
Yovani Gallardo 5/1/09 RHP
C. Hart, V. Rottino & C. Villanueva 1/24/09 OF, IF, RHP
M. Attanasio & D. Melvin 1/22/09 Owner and GM
Brian Anderson 11/6/08 Broadcaster
Corey Hart 7/9/08 OF
Ryan Braun 6/24 OF
Jeff Suppan 6/3/08 P
Brian Shouse 4/25/08 LHP
Corey Hart 4/9/08 OF
M. Attanasio, D. Melvin, N. Yost 1/15/08 Owner, GM and Manager
Corey Hart 8/17/07 OF
Rickie Weeks 6/25/07 2B
J.J. Hardy 6/1/07 SS
Derrick Turnbow 5/8/07 P
Doug Melvin 3/8/07 GM
Brian Anderson 2/26/07 Broadcaster
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