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With four teams in the mix, the status of Carlos Delgado remains very much up in the air. (Adrian Wyld/AP)
Delgado Derby in home stretch
Carlos Delgado's agent, David Sloane, held meetings with the Mets, Rangers and Orioles via telephone and the Marlins face-to-face as the race for the free agent first baseman's services continues. 
Alomar to mentor young Rays
New Devil Rays second baseman Roberto Alomar is feeling healthy after missing two months in 2004 with a broken hand, and he will bat second every day in Lou Piniella's lineup. More >
C. Beltran, CF
The Mets gained instant credibility by signing this five-tool star.
A. Beltre, 3B
Seattle added a Starbucks-sized jolt to its lineup with Beltre.
M. Mulder, LHP
Oakland traded two of the Big Three aces, dealing Mulder to St. Louis.
P. Martinez, RHP
Mets GM Omar Minaya shocked baseball and Boston by signing Pedro.
C. Pavano, RHP
After signing with the Yankees, Pavano will pitch close to home.
Troy Glaus, 3B
The D-Backs landed this slugger to kick start a busy offseason.
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