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10/03/05 11:55 PM ET

Interview with Bartolo Colon

Can you tell us about how your back is feeling and whether you have any apprehension about that going into tomorrow?

Bartolo Colon: My back, I still feel it. There's some discomfort, but there's no time for me to think about it right now. I pitched with it the last few starts and it's done. Forget about it and get started tomorrow.

Can you talk about the matchup with Alex Rodriguez, because he had some success against you this year, and how you plan to attack?

Colon: I've got to be careful with Alex, obviously, but I think whatever happened in the in the past with Alex is in the past.

I look forward to tomorrow, it's a brand new start and with all of the players, all of the hitters they have. Whatever happened with Alex in the past, to me, that's in the past.

What does it mean to you to get the baseball in Game 1 of a postseason series?

Colon: It means a lot to me. I think it means a lot also to my team, and I thank God because I was picked to start this first game, a very special feeling.

Could you talk about the special challenges of going up against the Yankees and the potent lineup, one through nine, for them?

Colon: I can't say much about the whole lineup, but I think all of them are dangerous. One thing that comes into my mind, to me, they are all cleanup hitters. That's the way I see the Yankee lineup.

Did you throw at all today, even soft toss, or did you just take in field?

Colon: I did play a little catch. I always play a little catch the day before I start on flat ground with Steve Soliz. Usually he'll get down, I'll make some pitches to him and simulate some situations.

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