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10/06/05 2:25 AM ET

Molina postgame interview

Catcher discusses win, Game 3 preparation

Did Mike moving you up to the five hole make all of the difference for you tonight?

BENGIE MOLINA: All year he's been doing that. He's been putting me in the five and the six, sometimes in the seventh hole. I don't see it that way for myself, I can tell you that.

All I'm doing right now is trying to make good contact on at the plate. I'm not trying to do anything different because I'm fifth or sixth. It's up to him if he wants to leave me there.

So as far as you're concerned, it had no effect?

MOLINA: No, I don't think so. I swing the same way if I was hitting sixth or seventh.

This is a ballclub you've played well in their ballpark this year and most years. How do you feel now with the series tied going to their place?

MOLINA: We feel good. Since we played well over there, I think we know that we can win at their stadium and there's no doubt. So we feel good about going over there. We have no pressure on ourselves. We are going to try to win two games at their stadium. We've done it before. All we've got to do is stay focused on what we're doing, and that's playing our game.

You're getting ready to face Randy Johnson, is there anything that you do in your preparation, either tomorrow in the warm up or maybe day of the game, is there anything that you look for in particular when you're up there?

MOLINA: Only thing we do is probably pray a lot. Hopefully he makes a lot of pitches up the middle of the plate and he's not on his game that day. That's what we think of for that. Certain pitchers, if they are in the zone and on their game, it's hard to beat. So we hope he's not on his best game that day.

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