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10/06/05 2:40 AM ET

Scioscia postgame interview

Manager talks about win, playing next at Yankee Stadium

Would you describe your team as classically opportunistic tonight, and if not, how would you describe them?

MIKE SCIOSCIA: On both ends, on the offensive side we didn't have many hits but they sure all counted. You know, we caught a break with that ball, I think the lights got Alex at third base on the ball that Orlando hit. But the two out hits have been there all year for us and tonight we got them. That was what we needed, and a couple of home runs by Bengie and Juan were important, also. But Molina and Cabrera, those two out hits were obviously pivotal. I think the way Figgy played third base tonight probably gave us more of a chance to win than anything tonight. He was terrific.

How concerned were you with the way Wang was pitching through the first four or five innings that he was going to keep up with those groundballs?

SCIOSCIA: He was getting groundball after groundball. He's got a heavy ball, heavy sinker and just pounded it all night. We did a little better job as the game went on and we put a couple of guys in motion, not a lot of success. Cano made a great play up the middle on the ball Molina hit on a hit and run that stopped a rally for us.

You know, he looked sharp the first four or five innings. His pitch count was down and he pounds the zone down. And we made some adjustments, got some balls up, one to Bengie and one to Cabrera, the two out hits that we took advantage of. I was impressed with his arm. He pitched a good ballgame.

Now after this win, you're now going to a ballpark where you've played very well over the years, very well this year. How do you feel about your chances going into the weekend with the series even now?

SCIOSCIA: Well, I think our focus is not who we're playing or where we're playing, but how we're playing the game. I think that helps us when you're going on the road in tough ballparks.

When you go to Yankee Stadium, you have to make it your field. You have to play your game and hopefully do you enough things right and you end up on top. Our guys have to go in there and we're going to play our game. We're not going to focus on Yankee Stadium or anything else about the atmosphere. We have to play baseball, and these guys have done a very good job of it. We're going to need it.

Are you going to leave Molina and Erstad in the five and six holes for the rest of the series?

SCIOSCIA: Probably with Randy Johnson, we'll make some more further adjustments, but I think that Bengie will definitely be hitting behind Vlad somewhere and we'll go from there.

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