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10/06/05 2:47 AM ET

Cabrera postgame quotes

Shortstop talks about Game 2 win vs. New York

You played against this team a lot when you were with the Red Sox last year, is there anything that you took out of that that you can give to this team as far as the experience of playing against the Yankees and playing in that rivalry?

ORLANDO CABRERA: Well, this team always played the Yankees very good. So there's not a lot that I can tell these guys that they haven't done before. But you just keep the pressure on them, the whole time they somehow are going to crack up and we're going to take advantage of any mistake they make.

That's what I told them; at some point in the series they are going to make mistakes and we have to take advantage. If we can do that, we can win the series.

Your socks, you had the high socks yesterday and when you got the hit, you had them, then your pants went back down, what's going on with that?

CABRERA: It's not a big deal. Just trying to do it for the people at home. They like that, and just to show them respect. It's not a big deal like we're losing or we're winning. It has nothing to do with that. It's just fashion, if you want to put it that way.

Can you take us back to the base hit, the two run base hit, what were you looking for, what did you hit?

CABRERA: Well, a sinkerball pitcher like this guy, when they are getting tired, they usually start leaving the ball up.

In the at bat with Figgins, I was looking, everything was up, up, up, so I figured he was getting tired. When I was looking for something up in the zone, I saw he missed the pitch, because they were asking for something outside and he left it right in the middle and high.

So I just, you know, try to put the ball in play up the middle and he gave me the pitch that I was looking for.

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