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10/08/05 1:04 AM ET

Bengie Molina postgame interview

Angels catcher talks about win, injury

How important was it for Shawn and Garret to pick it up tonight and get some hits for you guys, just for your offense?

BENGIE MOLINA: It's very important for us. Obviously those two guys are a big key for our offense and we need to get them going. They showed today what kind of players they are. We need them to step up and they did.

What did you hit for the home run?

MOLINA: A fastball, up. It was a fastball.

Are you surprised at how well you guys were hitting Johnson? It seemed like line drive after line drive.

MOLINA: Well, I said this before, we don't see who is pitching out there. All we try to do is looking for our pitch no matter who is pitching that day against us and we showed that.

So we know who he is, we've got respect for him, but the bottom line for us is waiting for a good pitch to hit and waiting for mistakes.

First can you talk about your injury, the elbow and what your thoughts are on possibly being able to play tomorrow and secondly, can you talk about what drove the Angels to be able to come back after losing a pretty significant 5-0 lead and falling behind?

MOLINA: Well, I think my injury is fine. It's negative so, that means it's nothing broke.

About playing tomorrow, I don't know. We've got to wait until the morning and see how swollen it is.

About us coming back, we always have been able to do that against any team. This is no surprise. Our team has always been able to come back against any team with the little things like we did today, and that's just the kind of team we are.

Did you think it was broken when you first got hit?

MOLINA: Yes, I did. I couldn't feel my hand, and that's part of when you get it broke. I was pretty scared.

Can you talk a little bit about working with the pitchers tonight, especially with the way a team like the Yankees keep coming back, and what you say to your pitchers to keep them calm and focused?

MOLINA: The only thing I kept telling you, the only thing you can do with these guys is keep trying to make your best pitches, make your pitches. You can't be thinking about who is hitting out there and how good they are. I kept saying, hey, if you make your pitches, we're going to be all right.

You've got to give them credit, too, for coming back. They are a great team and we know that. But you cannot have that in your head. All you've got to do is make your pitches and then we'll be all right.

Because you've been hitting so well on this series, do you think they are especially trying to pitch you inside or do you think that was a pitch that got away?

MOLINA: It's just baseball. I don't think they tried to hit me. I think the pitch got away from him. Obviously, you're right, they were trying to pitch me in, but I've been seeing this all year, they have been trying to pitch me in, away. So it's just baseball and it just got away.

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