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10/08/05 1:16 AM ET

Garret Anderson postgame interview

Left fielder talks about offensive performance in victory

You were 3-for-18 going into this game against Randy, take us through your two at-bats?

GARRET ANDERSON: The only records I have against him is this season, he'd been in the National League for a while. When I faced him earlier in my career, I didn't feel a good feel for what to do for him. I'm a much more mature hitter now and I have a much better idea what I want to do at the plate.

Today I just took advantage of some pitches that were left out over the plate.

That was an unusually aggressive slide into second to take him off the bag; were you a little carried away by the moment?

ANDERSON: No. You just have to go in there with an intent to break up the play. I don't think that had any bearing with him coming off the plate. I think by Alex looking at the guy at third base delayed the throw to second and that's probably why he was off the bag.

Did you see anything in the first at bats before you came to the plate in the first inning, did you see anything he was doing that maybe gave you an idea that you guys could hit off of him? Was there any clue you got from his pitches to the guys who came up before you that allowed you to get the home run?

ANDERSON: You've got to be a little bit more specific on what you're asking. You're kind of vague.

Did you see anything he was doing?

ANDERSON: Like what?

The way the pitches were coming in, did you talk to some of the hitters when they came back?

ANDERSON: We faced him a couple of times this year and we have a good idea what he's doing up there. We took advantage of some pitches that he left out over the plate.

Mike said when he switched the lineup around he was taking pressure off you. Were you feeling any kind of heat or pressure?

ANDERSON: No, I don't feel pressure playing baseball.

I really didn't know I was in that position in the batting order until I took batting practice and walked by and saw it on the wall. I really don't pay attention to where I hit in the lineup. Obviously I want to be in the middle of the order because that's where I've been most of my career but that's the manager's decision.

What approach do you take that helps you do as well against left-handed pitching?

ANDERSON: You want me to give it up? (Laughter.)

You know, I look for mistakes out over the plate. I'm not going to hit the great slider. I'm not going to hit the pitches that are borderline pitches off the plate away. I look for mistakes, and tonight I just didn't miss them.

Can you talk a little bit about Bengie's performance, especially with the bat, he's really been swinging it well.

ANDERSON: I mean, for all the years he's been here, he's been doing that. I just think he's finally getting the opportunity to showcase what he can do and he's taking advantage of the situation.

Since he's come up, I've always labelled him as a very clutch hitter.

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