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10/23/2016 | World Series positional breakdown: Cubs vs. Tribe

You might say it's a matchup that's been decades in the making. One way or another, either Chicago or Cleveland is going to end a historic postseason drought in the World Series. Let's break it down position by position.

10/23/2016 | DYK: History lesson: 20 amazing Cubs and Indians facts

Despite their lack of championship pennants in recent years, both the Cubs and Indians boast long and storied histories that involve some of the greatest players to ever step onto the baseball diamond.

10/23/2016 | Series has a wrinkle for Chicagoland's Kipnis

Why did it have to be the Cubs? That was Jason Kipnis' initial reaction. The Indians' second baseman was born and raised in Northbrook, Ill., a suburb on Chicago's North Side. Reaching the World Series has been a dream come true for Kipnis and his Cleveland teammates, but there is now a torturous tone to it for him.

10/23/2016 | Hughes, Hamilton have opportunity of lifetime

The calls of great moments in baseball history are often just as iconic as the moments themselves. And at the end of this World Series, there will be a huge opportunity for the play-by-play radio guys to make their marks.

10/23/2016 | C's the day before: Chicago, Cleveland ready

One way or the other, a long wait will end at the conclusion of the World Series, as the Indians, 68 years after their last Series title, face the Cubs, who haven't been on top of the baseball world in 108 years.

10/23/2016 | Tomlin's dad will be there for Game 3 start

Josh Tomlin got the nod to start Game 3 of the World Series in Wrigley Field. His father, Jerry, got the nod to travel to Wrigley to watch his son pitch. Enter one of the great subplots of an Indians-Cubs World Series loaded with them.

10/23/2016 | Fowler Cubs' first African-American in Classic

Dexter Fowler will be the first man in the batter's box in Game 1 of the World Series at Progressive Field on Tuesday night. And he will make history when he does so, becoming first African-American player in Cubs history to play in the Fall Classic.

10/23/2016 | Salazar throws sim game, could pitch in Series

Wild Thing might just be the Indians' wild card for the World Series. During Sunday's workout, right-hander Danny Salazar took the mound at Progressive Field as the song, "Wild Thing," blared through the stadium's sound system. The hard-throwing starter then worked through a three-inning simulated game, taking another important step in his potential return from a strained right forearm, and in his quest to make the World Series roster.

10/23/2016 | How long has it been for Tribe, Cubs? Papers tell story

No matter who wins this World Series, history will be made and a long-suffering fan base on the north side of Chicago or the shores of Lake Erie will witness a far-too-rare title. To truly comprehend just how rare, let's hop in the hardball time machine and revisit the world the day after each team last won a Fall Classic on the front pages of the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Chicago Daily Tribune.

10/23/2016 | 'Major League' writer, director Wild about Tribe

Welcome back, Jobu, Wild Thing, Roger Dorn and Lou Brown.

10/23/2016 | Dodgers' banner '16 falls just short of goal

Until things unraveled in the National League Championship Series loss to the Cubs, the Dodgers under first-year manager Dave Roberts displayed the grit to overcome an eight-game deficit and 32 placements on the disabled list -- including ace Clayton Kershaw for 2 1/2 months -- to earn a fourth consecutive division title and 90-plus win season.

10/23/2016 | Tribe to open WS with Kluber; Bauer, Tomlin to follow

Indians manager Terry Francona announced on Sunday evening that ace Corey Kluber will start Game 1 of the World Series against the Cubs on Tuesday night, and the right-hander will be followed by Trevor Bauer and Josh Tomlin in Games 2 and 3.

10/23/2016 | Fall Classic reunion fitting for Chapman, Miller

When Aroldis Chapman and Andrew Miller took off the Yankees pinstripes and said their goodbyes to one another last summer, they knew this kind of reunion was a possibility.

10/23/2016 | Fans all over: Who you'll find in the Cubs' corner

Who will be backing the Cubs in the World Series? Let's name some of the groups.

10/23/2016 | Oldest living Cubs fans relish World Series berth after decades

One of the oldest living Cubs fans goes to sleep around 9 o'clock each night, but Saturday was different. Raymond Styrlund, born in 1911 and now 105 and as sharp as a Javier Baez liner, listened to all of the radio broadcast of Game 6 of the National League Championship Series against the Dodgers.

10/23/2016 | Fans all over: Tribe's reach wider than you might think

This is no major market, and because of that, the Indians' fountain of fandom might not overflow quite as it does for their World Series-rival Cubs. But if rooting for an oft-overlooked underdog with a puny payroll that advanced to this point despite losing two stud starters and an elite outfielder to injury is not enough to woo you into pulling for the American League champs in this Fall Classic, which begins Tuesday night at Progressive Field, perhaps there are other connections you ought to consider.

10/23/2016 | What we've learned about Cubs in postseason

Cubs fans flocked to Wrigley Field on Sunday to take photos in front of the famous marquee on Clark and Addison Streets, capturing the historic moment as the team celebrateds its first trip to the World Series since 1945. While generations may be savoring the Cubs winning the National League pennant, the players are focusing on four more wins.

10/23/2016 | Hendry: Cubs will win at least one World Series

Jim Hendry wasn't at Wrigley Field on Saturday night, celebrating with his fellow Chicagoans. But there was no way to miss the delight so many of his neighbors were taking as the Cubs clinched their elusive National League pennant.

10/23/2016 | Don't miss it! Historic World Series is on MLB.TV

The World Series for the ages begins at 8 p.m. ET on Tuesday with Game 1 between the Cubs and Indians at Progressive Field, and each FOX broadcast on the way to the drought-busting clincher will be streamed live to eligible subscribers for only $9.99 with the MLB.TV Postseason package.

10/23/2016 | Tribe's return to World Series stirs memories for Thome

Indians legend Jim Thome has a direct connection to this season's World Series combatants, having grown up in Peoria, Ill., a city with many Cubs fans, and playing parts of 13 seasons in Cleveland.

10/23/2016 | 1948 WS fan hopes to see 'beloved Tribe' win again

The regulars at Shimrak's Cafe, located at E. 33rd St. and Superior Ave. once upon a time in Cleveland, used to quiz little Pete about the Indians. He rarely was wrong. Pete knew all the batting averages for the hitters and records for the pitchers.

10/23/2016 | Chappily ever after: Final outs for the ages

In a postseason filled with unconventional pitching decisions and bullpen moves by the managers, Cubs skipper Joe Maddon inserting closer Aroldis Chapman into the eighth inning with a man on first base in Game 6 of the National League Championship Series at Wrigley Field on Saturday didn't seem, on its face, all that unusual.

10/23/2016 | Dodgers left to ponder what went wrong

Four straight years they've watched October opponents go dog-pile-silly celebrating on the field. Then they trudge to the clubhouse, empty their lockers and pack their bags for a grim flight home and the start of another offseason of anguish. This time it resulted from Saturday night's 5-0 Game 6 loss to the Cubs and elimination from the NLCS.

10/23/2016 | 'This is our year': Tribe fans confident vs. Cubs

The Chicago Cubs had baseball's best regular-season record and now they'll join the Indians on their own curse-breaking quest in the World Series.

10/23/2016 | Goat of confidence! Cubs like WS chances

Next year? Did somebody say next year? That's so 2015 for the Cubs. Next year is now.

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