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Posted 10/31/12 at 11:05 PM

The 10 best MLB player costumes from Halloween

So, which baseball players impressed the most on October 31st? Counting down the 10 best costumes, as seen on Twitter:

10. Vinnie Pestano (parrot)

The Indians reliever made a sort of "X" gesture in his tropically avian outfit, and bemoaned that it topped all those of the trick-or-treaters that came to his door.

9. Matt Capps and child (elephant)

Continuing the animal theme, but getting extra points for incorporating two people, the Twins reliever and his offspring teamed up to become a pachyderm.

8. Adam Russell (Chewbacca)

The Angels reliever is 6' 8" -- making him an excellent, if not perfect, choice to go as the Wookiee, originally portrayed by 7' 2" actor Peter Mayhew.

7. Ben Zobrist and wife Julianna (Batman and Sully)

I didn't know Batman and Sully (from Monsters Inc.) were BFFs, nor did I know Sully wears fur boots and has lost a lot of weight, but apparently they are, and I expect an awesome crossover comic series to come out of this creation of the Rays utilityman and his wife.

6. Andrew McCutchen and girlfriend Maria (creepy skeleton/superhero makeup)

I'm not sure if either of these makeup jobs -- the Pirates outfielder as a half-skeleton, his girlfriend as some sort of superhero with a pattern looking like a hybrid of Batman and pro wrestler the Ultimate Warrior -- reflect established pop culture characters, but they're plenty detailed and spooky.

5. Logan Morrison (Benjamin Franklin)

Everybody digs the Founding Fathers. The Marlins outfielder deserves credit for executing the bald cap and wig at the same time -- and for bringing a bit of history to the proceedings.

4. Felix Hernandez (Maverick from Top Gun)

Though I doubt that blingin' watch is official Navy issue, the Mariners ace can sure rock some aviators. Plus, he's representing Seattle's rich history with the aerospace industry.

3. Reid Brignac, girlfriend Lauren and child (Jack Skellington, Sally and jack-o'-lantern)

Incorporating The Nightmare Before Christmas and the iconic pumpkin symbol of the holiday, the Rays infielder and his family definitely win the award for most traditional Halloween theme.

2. Hank Conger (Psy)

Dodgers closer Brandon League had a great take on the same concept, but it's hard to beat the Angels catcher, who shares the real Psy's Korean heritage and portly physique. In certain dimly lit parties, Conger could probably pass as Psy if he wanted to.

1. Bryce Harper (a clown, bro)

The Nationals outfielder spawned a cottage industry this summer by telling people not to be clowns; on Halloween, he became one. Need I say more?

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