• Aubrey Huff had a huge night at the park, blasting three home runs for the Giants (MLB.com). The Mariners' Carlos Peguero had two jacks of his own (MLB.com) in support of an 11-strikeout night for Felix Hernandez (MLB.com).

• Hiroki Kuroda, who spent most of his high school baseball years on the bench, has proven his youth coaches wrong and solidified his spot as a Major League baseball player in his fourth season with the Los Angeles Dodgers. (Los Angeles Times)

• This photograph, courtesy of the Rays and their best Johnny Damon-inspired grunge get-ups, is an instant classic. Warning: Contains potentially hazardous amounts of sleeveless plaid. (Seattle Times)

• Credit an assist to Elvis Andrus, who helped Rangers teammate Adrian Beltre get midges out of his eyes in Texas. Now that's teamwork. (MLB.com)

• Congratulations to Oakland A's pitcher Grant Balfour and his wife, Angie, on their new daughter Raegan Madison Balfour. (Twitter)

• If you're looking for advice about raising a pet goldfish, don't ask Blue Jays pitcher Brandon Morrow. Rest in peace, little Squints. (Twitter: 1 / 2)

• Jeremy Guthrie bopped along to the New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys on the Today Show this morning in Rockefeller Center. (Twitter)

• Fact: If Brian Wilson has his own late night show, it might look a little something like that. Delicious. You're welcome, America. (YouTube)

• Repeat after me, Will Ferrell: "How now brown cow." "Unique New York." "Gaby Sanchez Productions..." (MLB Fan Cave)

Tweet of the Day: "@jparencibia9 I just loved it too much, it was like a scene from of mice and men, I didn't know my own strength! yfrog.com/gzfgjjoj" -- Blue Jays pitcher Brandon Morrow (@2Morrow23)

Quote of the Day: "You pass baseball on to the next generation. You always return to where you came from. We were given a gift, and that's to be baseball players and make it to the Major Leagues and be a role model to younger kids and the next generation. It feels great to let them know that we're here for them and that we'll do anything we can to support them." -- Ian Desmond, who joined Nationals teammates Drew Storen, Jerry Hairston Jr., Danny Espinosa and Adam LaRoche in playing catch with local children to celebrate the groundbreaking of the Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy (MASN). The academy will provide baseball training facilities, after-school programs and academic opportunities for low-income DC youth. (MLB.com)