• Howie Kendrick is known for his All-Star plays on the diamond, but did you know he's also an All-Star photographer? (Flickr) "I can't tell you why it happened; I just got the bug," said Kendrick, who shoots with a Canon 5D Mark II. "When we go on the road, we can run into all kinds of different people and situations. It's really great, but it makes me a little nervous as well. You'd think that with what we do for a living we wouldn't get nervous talking to strangers, but I do. Yet, it's one of the best parts I've found in taking pictures. You get to talk to so many different people. I've talked with a lot of homeless people and been able to take pictures with them. You really hear some interesting stories that go along with the pictures, and it makes a difference to them. They don't even know I play baseball, but for some of them it makes their day for you to stop and talk with them. And a lot of people are just flattered that you just want to take their picture." (FOX Sports West)

• Kevin Youkilis doesn't consider himself a superstar, and that's just fine with him. For the Red Sox third baseman, all that matters is looking back each night and knowing that he gave everything he had on the field. "I just go out every day and grind out as much as I can. You're going to have your struggles and your ups and downs, you've just got to keep going and working through it," said Youklis. "When people tell my dad, or other players say, 'We appreciate the way he plays the game,' that's all that matters to me. I don't have to be best friends will all my teammates, and I don't have to be best friends with guys around the league, but as long as they can say, 'He plays as hard as he can every day and he gets his full potential out of life,' that's the key for me. At the end of the day, that's all you can worry about -- whether or not you played hard." (ESPN Boston)

• Earn your pitching degree from James Shields and David Price, also known as "The Pitching Firm of Shields & Price." (MLBFanCave.com).

• The Yankees' Nick Swisher joined renowned musicians and talented young singers to record an album of cover songs from artists like Tom Petty and The Beatles for his children's album called "Believe."

"I just found out my album, BELIEVE, is #3 on itunes bestselling kids album! This is so cool! I am honored. Thank you!" tweeted Swisher (Twitter). A portion of the proceeds from "Believe" will benefit the right fielder's foundation, Swish's Wishes, which enriches the lives and lifts the spirits of children facing vital health issues. (NickSwisher.com)

• Blue Jays teammates Jose Bautista and John McDonald give the inside scoop on how Major Leaguers sort through baseball bat models until they find the perfect piece of custom lumber. (Toronto Star)

• R.A. Dickey has become a champion for cystic fibrosis awareness after meeting Mets fans Jennifer Lanzano and her family at Citi Field. Lanzano's last wish before dying of the disease was to speak with the Mets pitcher. "It wasn't too much, but it was hard. It was heavy," said Dickey, who has developed a relationship with the Lanzaro family. "It made me more interested. That was the effect that it had on me. I couldn't empathize, but I could surely sympathize. I was moved because it was so real." (New York Daily News)

• For sunglass aficionado and rising Padres star Cameron Maybin, "the future's so bright, he's gotta wear shades." (ESPN.com)

Tweet of the Day: "I don't like horses. Their shoes are permanent. Who makes that kind of a commitment to shoes?" -- Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison (@LoMoMarlins)

Quote of the Day: "Hey guys, this is Brett Lawrie from the Toronto Blue Jays. I heard that you had won district, and I want to send my personal congratulations to each and every one of you. I remember when I was your age, I played in the Cal Ripken World Series and had an absolute blast. I wish you guys the best of luck in your games and to have as much fun as you can. All the best guys. Go Canada." -- Brett Lawrie, who personally wrote notes to his former coach Jason Andrews and the members of Team British Columbia wishing them luck in the Canadian Little League championships. (Toronto Sun)