Los Angeles Times copy editor Fernando Dominguez shared exactly what it was like for a proud father to watch his son, Marlins callup Matt Dominguez, fulfill a dream in his Major League debut. (Los Angeles Times)

• The fans have spoken, and David Robertson, Paul Konerko, Michael Young, David Wright, Adam Wainwright and Troy Tulowitzki have been honored as this year's finalists for the Marvin Miller Man of the Year Award. From raising relief funds for tornado victims and helping abused foster children to supporting sick kids and providing cancer survivors with college scholarships, these All-Stars are playing with heart on and off the field. (MLB.com)

• It may still be September, but big league rookies on the Blue Jays (Twitter), the Nationals (The Washington Post), the Rays (St. Petersburg Times) and the Angels (Facebook) are already breaking out their Halloween costumes.

• Searching for the perfect dance beats or guitar riffs for the walk to the plate? Mets utilityman and "at-bat-music-consultant-in-chief" Willie Harris has his teammates covered with a 6,000-song iTunes library and a hidden talent for suggesting songs. (The Wall Street Journal). Get pumped up with all the Mets' and Yankees' at-bat tunes, from Brett Gardner's Jason Aldean track to Harris' pick for Jose Reyes: Jay-Z and Kanye West's song of the moment "Otis." (The Wall Street Journal)

• Thanks to local company CC Carpet and a grand slam bomb from Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton, Dallas-area homeowners are receiving over $500,000 in countertops and flooring for free. (ESPN Dallas)

• Rays pitcher James Shields wanted to give fans an idea of "what September baseball is all about" for a Major League player, so he wrote "September Nights," a book chronicling the Rays' 2010 season and featuring a foreword by teammate David Price. (St. Petersburg Times)

• The Indians don't even need an outfield wall when they've got fielders like Shelley Duncan (MLB), who assured Rangers hitters on Wednesday that the warning track means "Warning. I will rob you of every double you hit here." (MLB.com)

• David Ortiz showed off his pipes with a 'good morning' serenade for "Good Morning America." (abcnews.com)

Tweet of the Day: "Tell me why I'm in a police car right now...missed the bus!! Haven't done that in years...I used to miss it on purpose! Miss first period" -- Rays left-hander David Price (@davidPRICE14). Maybe Price was running late because he forgot his Rays letterman sweater for the team's road trip theme. (St. Petersburg Times)

Quote of the Day: "If you want to be an agent of change, it starts with you and what you're made of." -- Orioles starter Jeremy Guthrie, who has kept his sunny attitude despite enduring a tough season. Guthrie found the quote in Michael J. Fox's memoir "Lucky Man", a birthday gift from his wife, and shared it with his fans on Twitter to "set a positive tone for the day." (The New York Times)