• When Rays outfielder Matt Joyce asked his dad to come to Tuesday's game against the Yankees, his dad said OK -- on one condition.

"He told me to hit a bomb for him," said Joyce. "I said, 'Yeah, right. We'll see how it goes."

Sure enough, Joyce sent a three-run shot into the seats (MLB.com) and waved to his dad in the stands.

"He always finds me and points. Kind of like, 'That's for you, Dad,'" said Joyce's proud father. "He knows I love it." (St. Petersburg Times)

• Celebrate the final day of the regular season and the start of October baseball with the division champion Yankees (MLB.com), Phillies (MLB.com) and Tigers (MLB.com).

• Reds second baseman Brandon Phillips stopped the MLB FanCave to plank, talk baseball and, of course, spread some @DatDudeBP love and #GQSwag to his fans on Twitter (Twitter).

"It changed [my season] a lot," said Phillips of his famous tweeting. "Honestly, I really think the year I had was because of Twitter, because it kept me focused and kept me motivated to go out there and play well for the fans. I got to meet a lot of new friends, and a lot of Twitter winners coming to support me. The best thing that happened to me this year was going to a Little League kid's game (Twitter). Just making his life, and he made my life also, because when I went out there it really showed me why I play this game."

• Move over, Steven Spielberg! Carlos Pena already has an All-Star appearance, a Gold Glove and a Silver Slugger Award on his resume. Now he's working on "Best Director" (MLB.com)

• Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts has had a tough season, plagued by concussion symptoms, but innovations in the treatment of concussions and his hard work in rehab have made him optimistic about returning to the diamond in 2012.

"You don't know what's up and what's down and what's ever going to be normal again and what's not," said Roberts, describing what it's like to have a concussion. "I would go out to the dugout for a few innings, and I couldn't even sit on the bench and follow the ball and watch the game without getting a headache and feeling tired, and all those symptoms coming back. If anything when you're hurt, you at least want to be with your team and support them. So for me, I just wanted to be there. I wanted to be in the dugout. I wanted to be supporting them. Finally Dr. Collins said, 'You can't go in the dugout anymore.'"

Roberts gave ESPN an inside look at his treatment to show what it's really like for Major Leaguers who are battling back from injury.

"It didn't go from not doing anything to getting on a field and taking 100 swings. It went from not doing anything to following a pen ten times back and forth [with my eyes]. I mean, that's how slow the progression was. The hardest part was not playing the game of baseball. The game to me is so special. No matter what level you get to, it's still fun. It's the greatest game there is. I love playing it, and I can't wait to play it again soon." (ESPN.com)

• The Reds were the road team in Pittsburgh on Saturday, but it was a home game for Reds rookie catcher Devin Mesoraco. Hundreds of fans from his nearby hometown came out to the park to cheer him on in matching red "MEZ" T-shirts, courtesy of a special order placed by Mesoraco's mom, Laura. (Yahoo! Sports)

• Congratulations to new dad Jake Arrieta and his wife, Brittany, on the birth of their son, Cooper Austin! (Twitter)

Tweet of the Day: "Pumped I got to the 100k mark so I can donate $10000 to #Highsocksforhope!" -- Yankees reliever David Robertson (@DRob30), who pledged to donate $100 to his foundation's tornado relief efforts for every strikeout he recorded this season.

Quote of the Day: "The thing I'll remember is having my kids with me at the All-Star Game. That was special. It was awesome. I might not ever get to do that again, just them being with me. Whenever I have my kids around, that's the best part." -- Brewers first baseman Prince Fielder on his most memorable moment from the 2011 season. (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)