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Phanatic MVP Club

2013 memberships now sold out

Parents: Thank you for your interest in the Phanatic MVP Club. Information regarding 2014 memberships will be available soon. So please check back often.


For $12*, members receive:

  • 2013 edition Phanatic MVP Bobblehead
  • 2013 Phanatic MVP collectable Magnet
  • Full Color Phanatic Poster
  • 2013 Phanatic MVP Membership Card
  • Phanatic Birthday Card
  • Phanatic MVP E-mail Newsletters
  • Discounts and other phun Phanatic benefits

Membership for the 2013 Phanatic MVP Club is from January through December 2013.


As a member, you'll also receive special information and opportunities for autographed items, Phanatic birthday boxes, a spot in a Phanatic Meet & Greet during the 2013 season, and more.

* Convenience fees apply.


Parent: If you would like to send a Phanatic MVP Club membership as a gift, that member will receive a Certificate in the mail, letting them know that they have been signed up and will receive their membership package in January (for a limited time only).

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During the month of September, 25 of our lucky Phanatic MVP members were randomly selected to meet your favorite mascot - the Phillie Phanatic!

The Phanatic invited them to his home, Citizens Bank Park, and provided them with a nice breakfast and entertainment by none other than HIMSELF! That's right, the Phanatic performed his book, "Phillie Phanatic's Phantastic Journey" for the lucky club members and their guests! These lucky MVPs also took part in an exclusive behind-the-scenes ballpark tour, and got to check out the Phillies batting cages and clubhouse.

Congratulations to all the members that attended and an even bigger THANK YOU to the Phanatic for making it happen!

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