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Educational Tours at AT&T Park


From colonial days to modern times baseball has been a continuous thread interwoven into the fabric of American culture and history. Our National Pastime provides a unique platform to illustrate the real life relevance of many topics covered in the classroom.

Whether you visit us via videoconference or in person, our educational field trips offer a unique and fun enrichment activity for a variety of disciplines.

All are multidisciplinary and incorporate social studies, science, mathematics and language arts.

Critical thinking and discussion are emphasized as students explore how baseball can provide real world applications of subjects studied in school.

• All programs are offered year round - a perfect activity for summer camp or schools with twelve month calendars!

2015 Highlights:
AT&T Park Direct to Your Own Classroom! Now in addition to visiting the ballpark, we can bring the ballpark to you!

Meet and Greet with 2015 California Young Readers Medal winner Audrey Vernick!

All our educational presentations are available via videoconference and include live views of the Field, Giants' Dugout, the Giant Glove and Coke Bottle in left field, HD Videoboard, and more!

For more information or to book your Educational Tour contact: or call (415) 972-1850
  • Lineup

    Giants Geography: Baseball Goes Global (Grades 3-8)

    Videoconference: 45 minutes - 1 hour
    Onsite field trip: One hour presentation/One hour ballpark tour

    Twenty-first century baseball teams are a tapestry of players from across the globe. Their cultures and customs contribute to, and enrich the sport, keeping it vital and expanding its appeal to fans around the world. During the Giants Geography field trip students discover how over a century ago baseball was introduced to faraway places. They will use geography skills to identify, compare and contrast different geographic regions, their features, and cultures. They will also gain an appreciation of the importance of working with a diverse group of people to achieve a common goal.


    Giants Geometry: The Shape of the Game (Grades 3-6)

    Videoconference: 45 minutes - 1 hour
    Onsite field trip: One hour presentation/One hour ballpark tour

    Students utilize the sport of baseball and playing field to identify and investigate the many shapes that make up the game. AT&T Park provides the perfect backdrop to illustrate the importance and application of geometric concepts in both its construction and design.

    Dependent upon grade level, students will calculate either perimeter or area of home plate and discover how the Pythagorean Theorem can be applied to the baseball diamond.


    Spheres + Squares = Baseball: Junior Giants Geometry (Grades K-2)

    Videoconference: 45 minutes - 1 hour
    Onsite field trip : One hour presentation/One hour ballpark tour

    Junior Giants Geometry is an engaging and fun way to introduce, or review, the attributes of two and three dimensional shapes. Participants identify the many shapes found at AT&T Park as well as define and discuss the various shape essential to the game. They will also travel back through baseball history to explore the origins and evolution of home plate and discover how it got its present shape.

    Team Behind the Team (Grades 6 & up)

    Videoconference: 30 minute Virtual ballpark tour/30 minute Q & A with front office staff

    Onsite field trip : One hour ballpark tour and thirty minute meet & greet with a front office staff member

    Have you ever wondered about all the different people that support a Major League baseball team? Or given any thought to what goes on in a ballpark before the team can take the field?

    This program is focused to help students investigate career paths, identify necessary educational requirements needed to enter the sports industry, explore various sports related careers and engage students in a discussion about careers that would interest them.


    Baseball by the Numbers: Batting .1000 (Grades 5-8)

    Videoconference: 45 minutes - 1 hour
    Onsite field trip: One hour presentation/One hour ballpark tour

    Statistics and score keeping have been a part of baseball since its earliest days. Students will discover how compiling and recording data can be transformed into knowledge, helping us make predictions and decisions in everyday life. Baseball statistics will be utilized to illustrate various mathematical functions specifically focusing on the concepts of ratios, fraction decimals and percentages.




    Basic Behind the Scenes Tour (Onsite) One Hour Ballpark Tour

    Giants history that spans two coasts and three centuries. Topics include construction and maintenance of the Giants stadium, preparation and care of the field, the role the press box plays, and the responsibilities of the clubhouse staff. Behind the Scenes tour stops typically include Field Warning Track, Major League Dugout, Visitors Batting Cages and Clubhouse, Press Box and Memorabilia displays.

  • AT&T Park Author Series

    Videoconference: 45 minutes

    Onsite field trip : One hour ballpark tour/30 minute videoconference

    Join us for the unique opportunity to have your students interact live via videoconference with 2014-2015 California Young Reader Medal winner Audrey Vernick to discuss her books "She Loved Baseball" or "Brothers At Bat". Both books are accompanied by discussion guides.

    Grades 3-8

  • Videoconference Field Trips

    Our videoconferencing technology can provide a learning experience your students will never forget. Now you can take them to places they might never have the opportunity to visit in person.

    There are over 200 providers of educational videoconference content across America - and as far away as Australia. If you're looking for a unique, interactive enrichment activity - we can connect you!

    AT&T Park