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Front Office Directory

  • Executive Management

    Arte & Carole Moreno
    Dennis Kuhl
    John Carpino
    Bill Beverage
    Chief Financial Officer
    Molly Jolly
    Senior Vice President, Finance & Administration
    Tim Mead
    Vice President, Communications
    Neil Viserto
    Vice President, Sales
    Bill Stoneman
    Interim General Manager
  • Baseball Operations

    Scott Servais
    Assistant General Manager, Scouting/Player Development
    Matt Klentak
    Assistant General Manager
    Hal Morris
    Director, Pro Scouting
    Bobby Scales
    Director, Player Development
    Justin Hollander
    Director, Baseball Operations
    Ric Wilson
    Director, Amateur Scouting
    Carlos Gomez
    Director, International Scouting
    Tim Huff
    Special Assistant to the GM
    Marcel Lachemann
    Special Assistant to the GM
    Tim Bogar
    Special Assistant to the GM
    Tim Schmidt
    Special Assignment Scout
    Mike LaCassa
    Assistant Director, Player Development
    Nate Horowitz
    Coordinator, Scouting
    Jonathan Strangio
    Manager, Major League Operations
    Jeremy Zoll
    Coordinator, Advance Scouting
    Kathy Mair
    Baseball Administration Coordinator
    Diego Lopez
    Sr. Video Coordinator
    Ruben Montano
    Video Coordinator
    Tom Taylor
    Traveling Secretary
  • Communications

    Eric Kay
    Director, Communications
    Adam Chodzko
    Media Relations Representative
    Matt Birch
    Communications Coordinator
    Victor Rojas, Mark Gubicza
    TV Broadcasters, FS West
    Terry Smith, Mark Langston
    Angels Radio, KLAA (AM830)
    Rolando Nichols, Jose Mota
    Angels Radio, KWKW
    Darren Chan
  • Community Relations

    Jenny Price
    Sr. Director, Community Relations
    Chrissy Vaughn
    Community Relations Coordinator
  • Ticketing Department

    Sheila Brazelton
    Director, Ticketing Operations
    Susan Weiss
    Manager, Ticket Office
    Tony Whiteford
    Ticketing Consultant
    Armando Reyna, Ellen Crooks
    Box Office Representative
    Clancy Holligan, Lisa Martinez
    Ticketing Representative
  • Marketing, Sales, and Service Department

    John Rozak
    Senior Marketing Manager
    Ryan Vance
    Marketing Manager
    Kevin Shaw
    Marketing Manager
    Jeff Lee
    Marketing Coordinator/Graphic Designer
    Julie Henrick
    Administrative Assistant, Marketing and Ticket Sales
    Alexandra Tinyo
    Marketing Associate
    Tara Nicodemo
    Social Media Coordinator
    Tom DeTemple
    Director, Ticket Sales and Services
    Josh Hunhoff
    Ticket Sales Manager
    Jeff Leuenberger
    Ticket Sales Account Executive
    Jasmin Matthews
    Ticket Sales Account Executive
    Eric Archer
    Group Sales Account Executive
    Angel Rodriguez
    Group Sales Account Executive
    Mike Abraham
    Group Sales Account Executive
    Nick Shorr
    Group Sales Account Executive
    Taylor Gach
    Community Development Account Executive
    Kyle Haygood
    Manager, Premium Sales & Service
    Greg Mundweil
    Premium Sales Account Executive
    Jared Florin
    Premium Sales Account Executive
    Justin Hallenbeck
    Client Service Manager
    Alisa Mitry
    Client Service Representative
    Shawn Meyer
    Client Service Representative
    Spenser Ishii
    Client Service Representative
    Adriana Ryan
    Client Service Representative
    Pete Bull
    Director, Entertainment and Production
    David Tsuruda
    Producer, Video and Scoreboard Ops.
    Emily Cabrera
    Entertainment Coordinator
    Danny Pitts
    Associate Producer
  • Corporate Sales Department

    Michael Fach
    Senior Director, Business Development
    Maria Dinh
    Manager, Sponsorship Services
    Bobby Kowan
    Manager, Sponsorship Services
    Rick Turner
    Sr. Corporate Sales Account Executive
    Nicole Provansal
    Sr. Corporate Sales Account Executive
    Drew Zinser
    Corporate Sales Account Executive
    Vanessa Vega, Erin Morey
    Sponsorship Services Coordinator
    Michael Sylvan
    Research Analyst
  • Ballpark Operations

    Brian Sanders
    Senior Director, Ballpark Operations
    Sam Maida
    Director, Ballpark Operations
    Calvin Ching
    Event Manager
    Courtney Wallace
    Event Sales and Service Manager
    Ray Daryabigi
    Guest Experience and Security Manager
    Margie Walsh
    Mark Macias
    Security Manager
    Jim Haskins
    Security Host
    Jose Andrade
    Security Host
    Richard Schilpp
    Security Host
    Barney Lopas
    Field/Ground Maintenance Manager
    Greg Laesch
    Assistant Groundskeeper
    Nathan Bautista, Pedro Del Castillo, Ray Nells
    Custodial Supervisors
  • Facility Services

    Mike McKay
    Director Stadium Facilities
    Suzanne Peters
    Purchasing Manager
    Steve Preston
    Manager Facility Maintenance
    Jose Padilla
    Office Assistant
    Sean Cameron, Luis Perez
    Warehouse Assistant
    Bob Ross
    Lead Electrician
    Pat Byrnes
    Tony Suruor
    HVAC Lead Technician
    Harlan Coffman
    HVAC Technician
    Kevin Brown
    Lead Skilled Craftsman
    Alex Cervantes, Jim Gomard, Jerry Gomez
    Skilled Craftsman
    Ryan Mendoza
    Equipment Mechanic
    David Tunstall, Randy Bishopp, Andrew Rogers
    Cathy Valdez
    Facilities Receptionist
    Johnine Wilken
    Daniel Angulo
    Asset Coordinator
  • Finance & Administration

    Alex Winsberg
    Director, Legal Affairs & Risk Management
    Deborah Johnston
    Director, Human Resources
    Brittany Johnson
    HR Generalist
    Cecilia Schneider
    Benefits Manager
    Mayra Castro
    HR Representative
    Cris Lacoste
    Kylie McManus, Jennifer Whynott
    Sarah Talamonte
    Accounts Payable Specialist
    Lorelei Schlitz
    Payroll Manager
    Alison Kelso
    Payroll Assistant
    Jennifer Jeanblanc
    Financial Analyst
    Kristin Machuca
    Staffing Analyst
  • Information Services

    Al Castro
    Director, Information Services
    Neil Fariss
    Senior Network Engineer
    David Yun
    Senior Desktop Support Analyst
    Paramjit Singh
    Technology Integration Specialist
    Mike Gallant
    Helpdesk Support Assistant
  • Medical Staff

    Dr. Craig Milhouse
    Team Physician
    Dr. Robert Grumet
    Team Orthopedic Physician
    Dr. Michael Shepard
    Team Orthopedic Physician
    TJ Harrington
    Strength and Conditioning Coach
    Adam Nevala
    Head Certified Athletic Trainer
    Rick Smith
    Athletic Trainer
    Bernard Li
    Physical Therapist
    Yoichi Terada
    Massage Therapist