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50-50 DRAW

Our popular 50/50 Draws, presented by Ericsson, are held at every Blue Jays home game, offering fans the chance to win up to $10,000 during regular games and up to $40,000 on JACKPOT DAYS! Tickets are sold in strips of 3 for $5 or 7 for $10 and can be purchased from 50/50 sellers located throughout the stadium concourse areas on the 100, 200 and 500 levels. The more tickets sold, the bigger the jackpot. And the bigger the jackpot, the more you'll be helping support kids in need from coast to coast!

Jackpots can reach up to $40,000 per draw depending on the game! Make sure to attend our special JACKPOT games this season.

If you have the winning ticket, please contact Melissa Woo at or 416-341-1580.

List of Winning Numbers
April 13M765759$40,000
April 14M765758$10,000
April 15M765757$10,000
April 16M765756$10,000
April 17M765755$10,000
April 18M765754$30,000
April 19M765753$30,000
April 21M765752$10,000
April 22M765751$10,000
April 23M765750$10,000
May 4M765749$10,000
May 5M765748$10,000
May 6M765747$10,000
May 8M765746$10,000
May 9M765745$30,000
May 10M765744$30,000
May 18M765743$10,000
May 19M765742$10,000
May 20M765741$10,000
May 21M765740$10,000
May 22M765739$10,000
May 23M765738$30,000
May 24M765737$30,000
May 25M765736$10,000
May 26M765735$10,000
May 27M765734$10,000
June 5M765733$10,000
June 6M765732$30,000
June 7M765731$30,000
June 8M765730$10,000
June 9M765729$10,000
June 10M765728$10,000
June 17M765727$10,000
June 18M765726$10,000
June 19M765725$10,000
June 20M765724$30,000
June 21M765723$30,000
June 26M765722$10,000
June 27M765721$30,000
June 28M765720$30,000
June 29M765719$10,000
June 30M765718$10,000
July 1M765717$40,000
July 2M765716$10,000
July 17M765715$10,000
July 18M765714$30,000
July 19M765713$30,000
July 28M765793$10,000
July 29M765792$10,000
July 30M765791$10,000
July 31M765790$10,000
August 1M765789$30,000
August 2M765788$30,000
August 3M765787$30,000
August 4M765786$10,000
August 5M765785$10,000
August 6M765784$10,000
August 11M765783$10,000
August 12M765782$10,000
August 13M765781$10,000
August 14M765780$10,000
August 15M765779$30,000
August 16M765778$30,000
August 28M765777$10,000
August 29M765776$30,000
August 30M765775$30,000
August 31M765774$10,000
September 1M765773$10,000
September 2M765772$10,000
September 4M765771$10,000
September 5M765770$30,000
September 6M765769$30,000
September 18M765768$10,000
September 19M765767$30,000
September 20M765766$30,000
September 21M765765$10,000
September 22M765764$10,000
September 23M765763$10,000
September 25M765762$10,000
September 26M765761$30,000
September 27M765760$40,000