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2013 World Baseball Classic

Qualifying Round, Qualifier 3

Panama City, Panama

Rod Carew National Stadium
November 15-19, 2012
Game Schedule
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Opening Gm 1
Opening Gm 2
Elimination Gm 1
Loser Eliminated
Final Play-In Gm
Elimination Gm 2
Loser Eliminated
Loser Eliminated
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Semifinals Gm 1
Semifinals Gm 2
Gil Fábrega

Panamanian-American star Rod Carew collected more than 3,000 hits and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. He also serves as namesake for Panama's national stadium, which opened in the capital of Panama City in 1999. Rod Carew Stadium previously hosted a major event in September 2011, when it welcomed the International Baseball Federation (IBAF) World Cup.

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